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Do YOU Want Success?

Here’s what we expect from you.

We expect you to communicate with us on a timely basis.  When you receive a letter from a tax authority, we expect you to open it, and read it that day.  If you don’t understand it, or are not expecting it, we want you to contact us.

We expect you to take action.  Often, we will make requests of you — especially early on.  Sometimes it’s collecting and organizing information, other times it might involve making tough decisions personally or professionally about your circumstance.  We will help you with these difficult circumstances, but know that you will likely need to make decisions differently than you have done so in the past and take action.

We want you to have realistic expectations.   We’re attempting to resolve a situation in your favor that meets your best available outcome.  In general, know that the timing of this outcome isn’t up to either of us.  Our goal is to stay ahead of the process but know it’s possible another party has a different timeframe for resolution than we do.